Permits/Plan Review

Permits/Plan Review




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Where do I get a construction permit?

Construction permits may be applied for at the City's Permit Center at 835 East 14th Street in San Leandro. Construction permits for projects such as signs, termite repair work, window replacement, re-roofing, electrical service changes, furnace and water heater replacements, etc., are usually issued over the counter in a single visit to the Permit Center. Click here for Permit Center hours.

How much will a construction permit cost?

Building permit fees are calculated using a sliding scale, which is based on the construction valuation of each project. Permit Center staff can calculate projected permit fees if you know the project valuation for the project. Permit fee schedules are also available to allow you to do your own permit cost estimating located on our Forms, Fees, and Facts page.

When are plans or design drawings required for a construction permit?

Typically, plans, specifications, energy calculations, soils reports and other data are required whenever new construction work is proposed. The documentation is reviewed by all pertinent City departments to ensure compliance with applicable codes and regulations before building permits are issued. Permit applicants should allow between five (5) to twenty (20) working days, depending on the complexity of the project, for initial plan review activities to be performed. In order to provide fast and efficient plan review services, we utilize in-house personnel as well as consultant agencies. Call us at (510) 577-3405 for help in reviewing what information you will need for your project.


What type of design information is required with a permit application?

Design information needed for a complete plan review depends on the nature of the proposed project. The Permit Center staff provides applicants with comprehensive "Plan Submittal Guidelines" for the following project types:

Residential - new construction, remodels, alterations,, solar, and EV charger

Commercial / Industrial - new construction, tenant improvements, repairs and alterations


2019 California Energy Code 

For information on the new 2019 California Title 24 Energy Code, please visit Energy Code Ace's website at , to help with resources on navigating the new Energy Code requirements for building permit issuance. 

Construction & Demolition Debris Recycling 

Construction and Demolition (C&D) debris constitutes as much as 16% of the materials deposited in Alameda County landfills. C&D materials are easily recyclable if a project is planned well. And, contractors may save money by recycling rather than landfilling waste. Starting January 1 2019 all residential and commercial projects must recycle  and/or salvage for reuse a minimum of 65% of nonhazardous construction and demolition waste in accordance with the 2019 California Green Building Standards Code.  You can enroll  in the Green Halo Systems program,, to keep track of construction debris recycling and disposal, or you can choose a recycling facility that complies with  the 2019 California Green Building Standards Code, and submit recycling receipts to inspector prior to permit final. C & D Waste Plan Form


Plan Review/Permit Processing Staff

Melanie Braun, Permit / Plan Review Center Coordinator

(510) 577-3420

Lisa Silva Acosta, Permit Technician                      

(510) 577-3406

Ericka DeGuzman Quintero, Permit Clerk

(510) 577-3345

Genevieve Meyer, Permit Clerk

(510) 577-3404  

Rolando Cabreza, Plan Checker

(510) 577-3427 
Vacant    (510) 577-3418 Fax


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